Revolutionary War General de Lafayette stays at humble Alabama tavern

Montgomery, Alabama, April 3, 1825: Walter and Eliza Lucas, owners of the Lucas Tavern on the Federal Road at Line Creek, got the surprise of their lives, late yesterday, when the revered Revolutionary War hero, Marquis de Lafayette of France, who is on a grand tour of America as a “Guest of this Nation,” stopped by their humble tavern 15 miles east of here “to dine and spend the night.” Lafayette is due in Montgomery within the next two days.

With Walter being away, Eliza had virtually no time to prepare for such a well-known, heroic visitor, yesterday. But, despite the short notice, reportedly, the Lucas Tavern was “done-up better than it ever had been or likely ever will be again.”

The Lafayette tour arrived at the tavern late in the afternoon. The travelers were rushed for time, totally behind schedule, and bone tired– simply too weary to travel on to Montgomery, last night.

Welsh explorer Prince Madoc beat Columbus to new world by 322 years

Welsh explorer Prince Madoc from Wales arrived in what is now Mobile Bay some 322 years before Christopher Columbus discovered the “New World” in 1492.

Historians have argued about the validity of this “Madoc story” for centuries.

The pro-Madoc historians say their research shows Madoc was one of 17 brothers who were in constant battles with each other over who should take the place of their father as King of Wales when he died. The king died in 1169. The fights began.