Southern Belle hauled to prison for laughing at Union funeral

New Orleans, Louisiana, July 1, 1862: Our current Civil War took a turn for the worse, Monday, for Eugenia Levy Phillips, 42, tart tongued Southern Belle socialite and wife of former Washington DC attorney and former Alabama legislator, Phillip Phillips, as she was hauled away to prison “until the War is over,” confined to the desolate sandbar off the Mississippi coast called Ship Island.

Her crime? She laughed at a funeral procession of a Union officer that was passing in front of her home here in New Orleans over the weekend.

She was banished to the sandy treeless island 11 miles off the Mississippi coast by the commanding officer of the Union occupying forces here, Major General Benjamin F. Butler. General Butler has been in absolute, total control of New Orleans and its 170,000 citizens since April when the city surrendered to the Union forces.

Gigantic Louisiana sea monster unearthed along Ouachita River

The bones of a gigantic sea monster that lived millions of years ago and that is nearly 100 feet in length and must have weighed 5 to 10 tons has been found along the Ouachita River on a farm about 50 miles south of here, several hundred miles from any ocean. What is it? How did it get here? And, are there more of them?

Judge Henry Bry, wealthy plantation owner and one of the founders of the Monroe settlement, who moved to the Ouachita River Valley soon after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, rescued these bones from a local farmer, last spring.