Ross Barnett assists Mississippi black woman to go to Medical School

Former gubernatorial candidate and staunch segregationist, Ross Barnett, has assisted the black family of Helen Beatrice Barnes, 22, with a medical school loan. Barnes is a Negro pre-med student, who was born here in Jackson but is a graduate of Hunter College in New York City.

Barnes’ grandmother, Harriet Watson, once worked as a domestic in the Barnett family. Apparently, Watson called Barnett, who practices law here, and told him her gifted granddaughter wanted to go to med school. Since the family had little money for such an expensive education, she asked Barnett how med school could happen.

Brain illness kills wife and unborn child of Colonel Eli Lilly

Emily Lilly, the beloved wife of former Union Army Colonel Eli Lilly, 28, who has the Bowling Green Plantation 10 miles east of Port Gibson, died suddenly Monday at her home from what her doctor calls “congestion of the brain.” She was eight months pregnant, so the child was lost, too.

Her doctor said he did everything he could to save both the mother and her unborn boy but to no avail. The entire family has had bouts with malaria for the past several weeks. Colonel Lilly and his 5-year-old son, Josie (Josiah), are totally grief stricken but have recovered from the malaria.

This tragic and untimely death of Mrs. Lilly is just the latest in a series of misfortunes to befall the Lilly family over the past year since they settled in Mississippi from Indiana.