Mickey Mouse is coming to Florida

Orlando, Florida, November 16, 1965: There have been rampant rumors for weeks surrounding who has bought over 27,000 acres of land around Buena Vista over the past several years. Some speculated McDonnell-Douglas. Others speculated Ford Motors.

It has been an extremely well-kept secret. But, all was revealed in a press conference at the Cherry Plaza Hotel, here, yesterday. The buyer is none other than the creator of Mickey Mouse himself, Walt Disney.

Disney will build a bigger version of his Disneyland park in Anaheim, California, which opened in 1955. This new park will be called Walt Disney World–150 times larger than Disneyland.

John Sullivan, the illegal champion of the boxing world

Richburg, MS, July 8, 1889: The boxing match of the century—after being banned in states all across the South– finally took place yesterday morning, in a secret, secluded field just north of here, as the greatest heavyweight boxer of our time, John Sullivan, knocked out one of the toughest bar room brawlers ever, Big Jake Kilrain, in the 75th grueling, bloody round. This will likely be the last heavy weight championship bare knuckle fight in these United States fought under London Prize Ring rules.

The events leading up to this controversial fight were almost as exciting as the fight itself. We’ve known, of course, the fight was going to happen for weeks, now. We just didn’t know exactly where or exactly when.

A prince in Africa, a slave in America

Natchez, MS, Sept. 15, 1829: The widely known, controversial Natchez, Mississippi, slave named Ibrahima, who was an actual African prince and who was freed this past January, tragically died of natural causes, in July, on the coast of Guinea before he could make the trip inland to his tribal homeland, according to trans-Atlantic sailors recently returned to Natchez from Guinea.

Yazoo City Mississippi witch predicted the fire that destroyed the town

Yazoo City, Mississippi, May 26, 1904: A horror from the depths of Hades was unleashed on our town, yesterday, as a freakish, wind-swept fire totally obliterated our entire business district of 124 buildings, and those same flaming winds made ashes of 200 of our citizen’s homes.

But, even as Satan spewed his sparks of destruction, God was still there to protect us and provide miracles. Not one of our 7000 residents died in this horrible conflagration and only a scattered few suffered minor injuries.

These frenzied flames started innocently enough late yesterday morning in the home of Miss Pauline Wise at the corner of Mound and Commercial Streets. She was in her parlor planning her wedding when she smelled smoke and saw a tiny blaze in the corner of the room. She said she thought about stomping it out with her foot, but decided quickly to call the nearby fire department, just to be safe. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, extremely high winds struck Yazoo City. Pauline’s windows were open. The tiny fire in the corner was fanned fiercely and swiftly became an inferno, spreading throughout the house and beyond in a matter of seconds. Pauline stumbled from her home unharmed.

Coca-cola removes cocaine from its secret formula

Atlanta, Georgia: August 15, 1903: Coca-Cola is called Coca-Cola for a reason. For the past 18 years since it was created in 1885, this renowned soft drink has contained some 9 milligrams of cocaine per 7 ounce glass and has a fairly large dose of the caffeine rich kola bean in every one of those servings, too. Those ingredients provide a powerful “pick-me-up” for thirsty customers everywhere. Cocaine combined with caffeine laden kola beans! Hence, the name Coca-Cola.

But, now, Coke is changing. Earlier this year, the New York Tribune ran an expose that linked cocaine to crime all over America and called for legal action against Coca-Cola to stop producing this cocaine laced drink because it contributes to crimes committed by crazed people.

Since that story ran in the Tribune, Coke has quietly switched from using fresh coca leaves in its secret formula to a formula still using those same coca leaves for taste but with the actual cocaine taken out. Coca-Cola has been equally as mum about its subtle switch from promoting Coke as a type of cure-all tonic for aches and pains to being advertised instead as just a refreshing, drinkable beverage designed to cure thirst. Coke is changing.