Muppets and Jim Henson get new TV show in Washington DC

Jim Henson, a creative 18 year old puppeteer, who just completed his freshman year at the University of Maryland and who was born in Greenville, Mississippi, and who spent most of his young life in Leland, Mississippi, has just been given what he considers a huge break in his career. He has been given a puppet show called “Sam & Friends” on WRC-TV, the NBC owned station here in the nation’s capital.

What makes this puppet program unusual is that it is not designed for kids. It is produced for adults, but kids, of course, can watch, too.

“Sam & Friends” will air twice daily. First, it will air in the unheard of time slot of 6:25 PM, as a lead in to the top rated Huntley-Brinkley News Report at 6:30, and

Rodney, Mississippi inked out of existence by Governor Theodore Bilbo

With the stroke of a pen, Monday, Mississippi Governor Theodore Bilbo signed an executive proclamation, here, designating that Rodney, Mississippi, was no longer a city. Rodney was once the busiest port between New Orleans and St. Louis.

Founded as a French settlement in 1763; missed being the capital of Mississippi Territory by three votes; incorporated as a city in 1828; rivaled Natchez and Vicksburg in wealth with a population estimated at 4,000 in the 1850’s; but, today—167 years from its inception, the once thriving river port of Rodney, Mississippi, 32 miles north of Natchez, is no more.

Mississippi River flood ravages the delta – unknown number killed

Our worst fears became a raging torrent of reality at 8:00, yesterday morning, in the Mississippi Delta. The levee broke 12 miles up the Mississippi River from Greenville at Mounds Landing with a water force that engineers say was greater than the power of Niagara Falls, creating a gap in the levee nearly one mile wide.

An unknown number of black laborers, who had been working day and night in torrential rain for three days, building a wall of sand bags on that levee, were swept away by mud, water and fury. The buildings and many of the people in Mounds Landing below the levee were, likewise, washed away like tiny toys. Mounds Landing is no more. It’s beneath an inland sea 30 feet deep.

Public school gas explosion kills hundreds of children

There is nothing—absolutely nothing—that can prepare mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, or any of us who live in this tiny community for the grisly, bloody reality of 431 children—our children and our neighbor’s children—blown to eternity and crushed into oblivion by that monstrous school explosion, here yesterday.

431 of our young ones and at least 14 of their teachers—445 members of our families– all died in an instant at 3:05 PM, yesterday, just ten minutes before the end of school, in an explosive shock-wave, consuming fire, and hailing stones, apparently caused by a natural gas leak under our school.